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          Harkness Travel Summer 2020

          Trip enrollment for all spring and summer 2020 programs begins on Wednesday, October 9, 2019. The deadline to complete and submit the Head of House/Day Advisor Recommendation to Mrs. Wright and the Application Survey for all trips (spring and summer) is Monday, October 28, 2019.

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          • Guatemala: Service and Exploration

            June 18 - 28, 2020
            Grab a hammer and build a new house for a local family - then step back in time to experience the ruins of an ancient Mayan civilization in the heart of the rainforest.
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          • Italy: Latin in Italy

            June 11 - 21, 2020
            Experience the history of central Italy and reimagine the lives of the people of Ancient Rome!  Enliven the places and figures of classical antiquity by exploring the primary Latin texts, structures, and artifacts in which their accounts survive.
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          • Jerusalem: Religion and History in the Holy City

            June 10 - 20, 2020
            Transcend time, beliefs, traditions, and culture in a modern metropolis that is also an ancient cradle of religions and civilizations; Jerusalem will capture your imagination as you encounter its unforgettable realities and paradoxes.
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          Through House and Harkness, Lawrenceville challenges a diverse community of promising young people to lead lives of learning, integrity, and high purpose.  Our mission is to inspire the best in each to seek the best for all.

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