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          Private 音乐 Lessons at LVille

          A lot of kids think that coming to Lawrenceville means giving up certain activities due to the busy schedule. One thing I didn’t even think of when applying was the multitude of resources the School offers to everyone. Before coming to Lawrenceville, I took voice lessons once a week. I thought this would cease after making the move, but little did I know about Lawrenceville’s massive private lesson program! I talked with my voice teacher, Sherrill Ducharme, about the program, her credentials, and more. 

          What credentials do you have as an instructor?
          I finished my bachelor’s degree in music.  

          How can Lawrenceville students get involved with private music lessons? 
          In the initial packets sent to parents, there is information about the music program and available music lessons, however [it can] get buried pretty deep in all the “stuff” people get. So unless you have a direct interest, you might not go looking. Private 音乐 Lesson Coordinator Collette Burns (cburns@lawrenceville.org ) is the go-to person to sign up. You can sign up at the beginning of any term and Lawrenceville can provide any kind of instruction that a person wants. I know one time somebody wanted to study accordion. Lawrenceville hunted up an accordian player and that person held lessons. I believe there have been bagpipe lessons, organ lessons, and so much more, from almost anything you can imagine besides your typical orchestral instruments, to voice and guitar.

          How does the Lawrenceville Private 音乐 Program serve the school and the students? 
          Well, it’s a great program because, in my opinion and I think the [opinion shared by the] majority of teachers, it can address whatever personal desires a student has, whether that be to continue very formal, classical studies that they might’ve had at their homebase, or people just starting out who are curious and want a beginning start. There is no grade given. 

          My personal feeling about it is that I just want to give students the vocal tools to express themselves in whatever mode, medium, and style that they choose. This has no connection to the choir or orchestra programs. Yes, it can support those programs, but there are no prerequisites or anything like that.

          I have had such a fun, stress-free experience with private lessons at Lawrenceville. What I first saw as something I might have to give up became one of my favorite, relaxing experiences of the week! My teacher is absolutely amazing and the school provides so many instructors all across the musical board to teach kids. If you’re interested, make sure to check out the website to fill out an interest form, and email Mrs. Burns with any questions!



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