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          Devin Wolf ’21 Wins Delmas Award

          Congratulations to Devin Wolf ’21, recipient of Lawrenceville’s 2020 Delmas Award! The Delmas provides a grant to an outst和ing Third or Fourth Form student of either Latin or Greek who wishes to continue his/her studies in Greece or Rome through a summer program. Established in 1997, the award is funded by the Gladys Krieble Foundation on behalf of Lawrenceville Trustee Emeritus Dr. Patricia Labalme.
          Wolf began his studies of Latin as a Second Former. “Latin it initially appealed to me because of the language's history and cultural significance,” he said. He will study in Rome this summer as part of Lawrenceville’s 哈克尼斯 Travel Program where he hopes “to further my understanding of where the language comes from and the impact of the people who used it in the past. I believe this will be a really special and meaningful experience for me because it will sort of contextualize the culture 和 place I've been learning about for several years now through actually being there,” Wolf explained.
          Latin Master Scott Barnard said that Wolf’s “natural curiosity and his adventurous spirit made him a natural choice for the selection committee.” He continued, “The opportunity to travel to Italy with his classmates and occupy the space where the authors of Roman texts once stood will provide Devin with a unique opportunity to connect the past with the present. He will experience classical antiquity in a whole new way 和 gain a more detailed perspective on the real, living people whom we encounter in the surviving writings.”
          For additional information, please contact Lisa M. Gillard Hanson, director of Public Relations, at lgillard@lawrenceville.org.


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